Think with your feet – considering maths ideas through Oracy.

Think with your feet is another Oracy activity that enables children to discuss their mathematical ideas. This is more of a whole class discussion which leads the children to consider and perhaps change what they originally thought.

The idea of this is to have a discussion in small groups about a topic. You could use the concept cartoon to begin a discussion. Once you have given enough time to discuss the idea you come back together as a class.

The next step is to divide the classroom up into sections. Each section would be for a different opinion. You could ask for some opinions and ideas first to enable you to create the sections. The children then have to decide for themselves which idea or opinion they agree with. Tell them to think with their feet and they move to the relevant part of the room.

Think with your feet enables children to think for themselves and then re-evaluate their thinking and change their minds.

The teacher then asks a couple of children from each section to explain why they have chosen this idea. On hearing the ideas shared the children are then given the opportunity to change their ideas or opinions. If they do this they are allowed to move again to the relevant section that shares their ideas. Repeat once more asking for ideas. This time you can ask the children who changed their ideas or opinions.

It can be quite revealing and interesting as to what they have discovered and you may learn quite a lot about what the children have picked up from one another and their discussions.

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