About Us…

I qualified as a teacher in 2003 and have taught long term in 2 inner city schools. I have encountered many a child with learning difficulties and also social and emotional issues. Teaching in an inner city school has made me the teacher I am today. It hasn’t been all bad! My experiences have taught me a lot about children and the kind of teacher I want to be. 

I am truly thankful for my journey so far in my career as a teacher. In terms of my experience with supporting and encouraging children I feel I nurture every single child that I teach and while they are in my care I treat them with care and respect. I give children the time they need to be heard and prioritise their worries to ensure they are in a good space to learn. 

I have led a number of events across the city of Plymouth in my role as a Senior Lead in Education (SLE) and I have also supported teachers across Plymouth in their teaching of both Maths and Oracy. Having struggled with Maths as a child I am determined to ensure the children I teach develop a good understanding of Maths which I hope will lead to a love of the subject. My newfound love of this subject has encouraged me to research different ways of teaching Maths and I feel I now have a real wealth of knowledge and skill in this subject.

I have struggled more recently to feel as I once did as a teacher. Teach My Child is a golden opportunity to teach lessons as they are meant to be taught – for the sole purpose of the child.

I truly look forward to teaching your child and helping them on their journey.