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What do we offer?

At Teach My Child we provide you with the help and tools to ensure your children achieve their potential whatever their age.

You can find posts and Plymouth based sessions within the Teach My Child Facebook group. As well as the Facebook group there will be a weekly newsletter that will provide you with tips, tools and resources as well as thoughts and ideas from me.

Who is Sarah?

I am an online Maths tutor, having qualified as a teacher in 2003 and have taught long term in 2 inner city schools. I have encountered many a child with learning difficulties and also social and emotional issues.

Teaching in an inner-city school has made me the teacher I am today.  My experiences have taught me a lot about children and the kind of teacher I want to be.

Teach My Child started in January 2019. Being a dedicated online Maths tutor, I truly want to give the children I teach a good experience. I became a teacher to teach children, make learning fun and to really enrich their learning experience.

Teacher Sarah Lamerton


Online Maths Tutor