Spelling struggles

Spelling…. arrgghh!!

My son was writing at home and I noticed he had spelt some words incorrectly that I knew he knew how to spell. I asked him why he had spelt these incorrectly and he replied, ‘I don’t have to spell them right all the time!’

I threw the question back at him, ‘Why would you choose to spell incorrectly when you know the correct way?’

With longer words that are multisyllabic it is always a good idea to say each syllable to yourself to break the word down. This means that you have a better chance of spelling the word correctly and also you will spot any prefixes or suffixes within the word. Noticing how the word is made up will help when spelling.

A great idea for a spelling bank would be to group the words by topic e.g if you are writing a description about a character have a word bank for this. In doing this new vocabulary can be introduced which means you can tackle how the words are spelt and also group them for a specific purpose.

Give it a try! Check out the image below which gives a couple of ideas and things to consider to help with spelling.

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