Spelling games that help your child to learn their spellings in a fun way!

No matter where your child does their learning they will need to practice how to spell a variety of words. Spelling games can really help your child to make this otherwise dull part of learning more fun!

There are so many different ways to learn and practice a set of spellings. The most traditional way is ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.’ Not all children enjoy learning in this way or find it particularly helpful.

All children can enjoy learning and all children can enjoy learning to spell… the difficulty is in how it is presented to your child to engage them.

Spelling games – Jenga!

The first game I will introduce is a classic! Do you remember playing Jenga as a child (or an adult!). Jenga can be used to practice spellings or reading new words with a bit of a twist. It takes a little preparation but can be used again and again. On each of the Jenga blocks write one of your child’s spellings using a pencil. (Using pencil means you can rub it out after and use the Jenga blocks again for new words.)

Once you have written the words on the side of the Jenga blocks set up the game as usual. Each player takes a turn to select and take a block. Here is the twist… you can only keep your block if you can correctly read the word on the block. If you get it wrong you will need to put the block back. Repeat as you each take turns. To develop this further into the realms of spelling you can take a word and read it to your partner who must spell the word correctly to keep your block. Then your partner takes a block and reads it to you – you must then spell the word correctly to keep your partner’s block.

Spelling games with a twist – Jenga spelling!

Spelling Battleships

The next game is based on Battleships. Remember this game? You have to plot 5 ships on a grid and then try and guess where your partner has hidden their boats to destroy them. Well this is similar but you need to hide 5 spellings and your partner must find them. Use a similar grid and hide your 5 words with one letter in a square. Same rules only you search for the 5 words. You can add an extra challenge when the word is discovered your partner must correctly spell the word to finally blow it up.

Spelling games – Practice 5 spellings with Spelling Battleships.

Spelling Roll a Word

Sometimes it is enough to change up the way you are practicing a spelling. Roll a word is a way of changing up the practice. Roll a dice and then look at the poster to see how you need to learn to spell the word. You might have to write it in a particular colour, draw a picture including the word, write it a set number of times, write it in a sentence etc. You can create your own ideas based on suggestions from your child or use the example here.

Spelling games – roll and spell – you just need a dice!

So no excuses! Give it a go and see if your child can learn their spellings with less grumbling!

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