Private tuition paid for by schools helps pupils pass exams

So a school in London is paying for some of its pupils to have private tuition to help with their exams. Some children are left feeling like they are failing. This is due to an education system that is not able to offer what all children need. Many children do not get the attention that they need to support their learning as class sizes are often too large.

This is leading to many parents choosing to employ a private tutor for their children to ensure they make the expected progress. What about those parents that cannot afford private tuition? A school in London has chosen to spend some of its pupil premium money on private tuition for a select few of its pupils. This is to ensure they do not miss out on the same opportunities that their more affluent pupils get.

At Teach My Child we tailor sessions to meet your child’s needs. Small groups work best as they give a good amount of time with the teacher. They also allow the pupils to discuss and learn together. Small groups offer the care, attention and individuality that cannot be given in a class of 30. If your son or daughter is struggling with maths please get in touch. We currently have a few spaces left for our sessions starting in January 2020.

Let me help you help your child with affordable small group tuition – comment below if you’d like help.😊

    BBC News – School pays for private tuition to help with exams

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