Providing a context

So if you teach the language needed for the purpose how do you ensure you provide opportunities to use these skills?

Providing opportunities to speak in a variety of contexts will undoubtedly boost confidence and engagement in the children. Opportunities such as these will deepen their subject knowledge as well as their understanding. There are so many different opportunities within the school environment to expose the children to such as teaching a new concept to a peer in Maths or standing up and giving a talk about something you enjoy doing as part of a parents evening.

Check out the various contexts below. Which ones could you incorporate in your lessons?

  • Giving a presentation
  • Podcast
  • Debate
  • Storytelling
  • Tour guide
  • Discussion
  • Conversation
  • Speech
  • Interview
  • Teaching others
  • Playing a game
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Radio broadcast
  • Public service announcement
  • Sports commentary

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