These are particularly useful to support fair turn-taking. Pupils have to work out a fair way for everyone to be heard.

Some ideas for this are:

  1. Pass the teddy – great for the younger pupils. You can only talk when you are holding the teddy.
  2. Pass and go – one person starts talking and then passes to the next in the group to share their idea. This works well in a circle as the talk passes from one person to the next.
  3. Thumbs in – as you have an idea you put your thumb up. When the current speaker finishes they choose the next to talk. This gives a good flow to the talk and no one has control.
  4. Chaired discussion – each group decides on a chair who makes sure the discussion is fair and there is good turn-taking. They may also ensure that contributions are relevant and accepted. The chair could also have the role of summarising the talk.

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