Playing word games…

It’s marvellous Monday folks!

Play word games with your child at home or in the car to build and develop their vocabulary. Children need to hear and use a newly learnt word in context 8 times for it to become a part of the long term memory and be ingrained enough to use it. What do we do with our children to facilitate this?

A game to try…
The neighbours cat is a … cat. Fill in the blank with an adjective. Take turns to repeat in order the adjectives you have said and then add one yourself. Continue until you can’t remember the list. 
Person A – The neighbour’s cat is a scary cat. 
Person B – The neighbours cat is a scary, frightful cat. 
Person A – The neighbours cat is a scary, frightful, playful cat. 
And so on…

You can play this sort of memory game with any sentence – remember the game ‘I went to the shop and I bought…’

Introducing new vocabulary that your child will want to use in games is a fun way to develop their skills.

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