Odd one out

“Good discussion prompts provide opportunities for pupils to share, justify and defend their ideas, listen to other perspectives and if appropriate come to a concensus.” (Stott 2019)

A good game for this is called – “Which one does not belong?”

To play you need to provide your children with 3 or 4 words, images, or objects and ask them to decide which one does not belong.

To generate the discussion it is important that any one of the objects could be the odd one out. Children must share their ideas and give reasons for them, backing them up with evidence where necessary. They must listen to others’ ideas and choose to agree or to defend their own position.

Finally they must reach a consensus!

Here’s a Maths one!

1, 9, 15, 8

You will notice that one number has two digits, one number is even and the rest are odd. Covering several bases makes for a good discussion with plenty of lines to follow.

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