It’s not what I thought it would be…

We’ve all had this happen to us at least once in our lives – you see something and think ‘hey I’d like to do that.’

You then have a go yourself and realise that the reality of the group, club or whatever it is you thought would be great actually isn’t for you.

What do you do about it?

This happened to Jack this week. He has always been interested in the army and other services. He wanted to go to Armed Forces Day, so we did. He wanted to sign up to the marine cadets, so we took him along and signed him up. The reality of it was it wasn’t for him. The environment wasn’t a good fit.

So back to my question… what do you do about it?

I think it’s great that our children can try a range of different things and see if they are a good fit. In order for them to have the confidence to trial things they need to know that it is ok to stop if it doesn’t feel right. 

Jack was actually worried about not going as he had made a friend and didn’t want to let him down (because that’s the kind natured person he is). Sometimes you have to think about yourself and just do what is right for you without worrying about what someone else will think. It is an important lesson to learn!

Sometimes the idea seemed like a good once but turned out not to be. That is ok – that is part of life. Try something new – if you like it- great! If not, park that idea and move onto the next! 😊

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