Feeling frustrated? Leaving children to struggle with their mental health.

Grrrr!¬†Feeling frustrated! 😡😡

What is my frustration? What is the biggest challenge I face right now?

I’ll tell you…

I’m trying to give my children the best support possible and when you need help and support from an outside person there is actually very little to help our young people!

My eldest son Jack has struggled with his self-esteem and resilience over a number of years and I have tried to get him some support from various places starting with our local doctor.

The doctor sent me on a wild goose chase and told me to get help from another agency who actually only deal with adults. “I’m afraid you’ve been fobbed off!” I was told when speaking to a very nice lady on the phone. At this point I was feeling more than a little frustrated!

She then proceeded to tell me there is very little support for children when talking about their mental health.

I will not give up – I have followed her advice and am now waiting to see if we can get some support for him for elsewhere.

CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) are available and can give you support either in small help groups or one to one support. The issue with this is the lengthy waiting list. If your child needs help now it is very difficult to get help right away. There is usually a 4 month waiting list which as you know feels like an eternity to a child!

There are some apps such as Headspace and other forms of meditation can help. Getting out in the fresh air and exercising can also relieve some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Here is a link to Young Minds where you can seek help from CAMHS for your child.

Let me ask you a question…

What is your biggest frustration or challenge right now?¬†😤

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