Do you have a reluctant reader? How do I get my child to read?

Do you have a reluctant reader at home? If you are anything like me then you love to read… either for pleasure or for new learning! But, what if your child does not enjoy reading? How do you get them to sit down and read?

Many children and adults do not like reading and so it can be a real chore to get them to read. You then have regular arguments about reading where your child tells you all the excuses under the sun why they ‘can’t’ read! It can become a real source of tension and at the end of the day when everyone is tired this tension can often result in a full on heated argument. This is the last thing that anyone wants.

Providing a purpose for reading

Providing your child with a purpose for reading can often be enough to encourage a reluctant reader. The hardest part is getting your child to pick up a book in the first place so creating a purpose for reading and offering a reward for reading can provide the ‘carrot’ that is needed. Once you have hooked your child in you then need to encourage them to develop a habit. Encouraging your child to read before they go to bed can create a habit that then sticks.

Challenge your reluctant reader!

If this is you then why not give your child a challenge next month. March is the month that we celebrate World Book Day (5th March 2020). Providing a purpose for reading can really inspire your child to pick up a book, especially if there is the potential for a reward at the end of period of time.

Giving purpose to reading can encourage a reluctant reader.

Print out and display this poster (or create your own) and decide on a reward for completing the challenge. Maybe you can have smaller rewards for completing a line and a larger reward for completing a certain number of tasks during the month of March.

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