What do children and parents say about our sessions?

“The activities are fun and exciting with a very nice teacher. It’s good to learn.” Zach aged 7, Plymouth.

“Fun, relaxed yet educational sessions from a friendly and knowledgeable teacher.” Claire (Zach’s Mum), Plymouth.

Jungle Fun!

Jungle hand puppets!
The final product!
Learning to sew.

Jody, Portia’s Mum says, “Portia had a brilliant time with Sarah today and can’t wait for the next session!”

Bee Bot Mania

Creating a treasure map for the bee bot to move around.
We put a swamp on our treasure map.
Programming the bee bot to move to a particular square. Problem solving how far it will move.
Playing Snakes and ladders using the bee bot.

“The girls really enjoyed programming the bee bot and were great at guessing how far they would need to tell the bee bot to move to get to a specific space on the map.” Sarah.

Mange Tout!

Learning names of food in French.
Playing games to learn food names in French.
Playing pairs to learn food names in French.
Tasting typical French foods.
Croissants, pain au chocolat, crepes, du pain…

“This session focused on learning to name typical French foods and then learning to order food in French using the phrase ‘Je voudrais…’ The children enjoyed trying the foods and were able to talk about which ones they liked best.”

What a Basket Case!

A great weaving session Portia!
Great weaving and colour combinations Zach!
A successful morning weaving – great job Grace!
The children learnt to weave their own basket.
Zach had a clear idea of what to do and was away!
We practiced the skill of weaving using strips of card on a flat surface before attempting to weave the baskets.

Claire said, “Thanks very much for a lovely morning!”

Symmetrical Art

We made symmetrical patterns using petals from flowers, pebbles and leaves.
Symmetrical patterns with petals.
Symmetry with shells and leaves.
We used a butterfly picture to create a symmetrical pattern of our own.
We then used paint on one side of the paper and when we folded it in half and when we opened it we could see the symmetrical pattern.
More symmetrical painting.
We used stickers and pipe cleaners and pompoms to create our own symmetrical picture.

“I get this! It’s when you have to have the same on both sides of the line.” Well done Zach!

Design a Pillowcase!

We used fabric crayons and felts to create our own design on a pillowcase.
Once the designing was finished we ironed the finished product to set the crayon. What a fab creation!
Another fab creation from Portia!

Claire said, “Yay! That’s great! Thanks Sarah, Zach loves his pillowcase! See you next time.”

Jody said, “This is great Portia has even learnt how to iron! She really loved this activity and is so proud to cuddle into her pillow on her day bed!”