Treat others as you would like to be treated.

That’s what my Mum instilled in me from a young age and what I have instilled in my children.

A great way to do this is by showing kindness. Thinking about others with this in mind and stopping to think about whether they are ok or maybe not and perhaps they’d like a friend to talk to or just to lean on. 😊

How are you feeling?

Feelings are tricky to understand as adults so you can imagine for a child they can seem pretty scary at times – particularly if you dont have the language to express how you feel.

Talking about feelings and reading stories that discuss feelings can be a great thing to do from a young age. 

We all look after our bodies and take care that we feed it the right things and if it is hurt we see a doctor to fix it. 

What about our minds? 

These are equally as important and need looking after. Doing things like walking, meeting with friends, drawing, reading, listening to music can all help us keep our mi ds healthy. When they are not we need to seek help.

Check out the poster below which gives you some ideas to help you nurture your child’s mental health.

What will you be?

Thinking of others?

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of looking in from the outside and making a judgement about another person without having all the facts.

Let’s take a look at George who perhaps shouts at everyone and people looking on think he’s rude and a problem. Then let’s dig deeper… George has learning difficulties and finds everything a struggle, he doesn’t understand social situations and he finds his school work a constant source of frustration. 

It is human nature to behave according to how we feel. Many of us will understand being frustrated due to not being able to do something.

The fact is we encounter people every day in our lives and we don’t know what they are going through or what has happened to them. We don’t know of their struggles. 

We should remember to be kind as there is usually a reason for ‘acting out’. A friendly smile for George’s Mum rather than a scowl may be enough to help her through another difficult day. 😊


What you could say…

We all have those moments when we try something new and think ‘hang on this is hard I’m not sure I can do this.’ We even have those thoughts when we have been doing something for a while. 

Life can feel impossible at times and overwhelming which in turn makes us feel like we can’t do things.

When you need to change your mindset doing something you enjoy can help to frame your mindset and change it e.g. try doing so.ething physical like running or jumping on a trampoline or maybe something quiet like reading or drawing.

When your mindset is more positive you can then feel ‘I can’t do this YET,’ rather than ‘I can’t do this.’

Check out these more positive ways of framing your thoughts…

What are you doing today?

There has been a lot in the news about the environment and what we can do to help. 

I’ve seen some great posts on facebook recently from people who are taking positive action to help their local area environment. One person took some black bags and collected all the rubbish left in the local park so that her child had a safe place to play. Involving her children in the cleanup also provided them with education about the effects of dropping litter.

Here’s a thought for today…

It’s not what I thought it would be…

We’ve all had this happen to us at least once in our lives – you see something and think ‘hey I’d like to do that.’

You then have a go yourself and realise that the reality of the group, club or whatever it is you thought would be great actually isn’t for you.

What do you do about it?

This happened to Jack this week. He has always been interested in the army and other services. He wanted to go to Armed Forces Day, so we did. He wanted to sign up to the marine cadets, so we took him along and signed him up. The reality of it was it wasn’t for him. The environment wasn’t a good fit.

So back to my question… what do you do about it?

I think it’s great that our children can try a range of different things and see if they are a good fit. In order for them to have the confidence to trial things they need to know that it is ok to stop if it doesn’t feel right. 

Jack was actually worried about not going as he had made a friend and didn’t want to let him down (because that’s the kind natured person he is). Sometimes you have to think about yourself and just do what is right for you without worrying about what someone else will think. It is an important lesson to learn!

Sometimes the idea seemed like a good once but turned out not to be. That is ok – that is part of life. Try something new – if you like it- great! If not, park that idea and move onto the next! 😊