What happens when you are asleep?

Why is sleep so important and what happens when you sleep?

There are several stages to tour sleep and each one has a different job. You have to reach the later stages for your body to really reap the benefits. In the deep sleep stage your body goes through the rebuilding process and the rem sleep stage is where you experience dreams and your brain makes sense of things that have happened to you. It is the stage that plays a huge role in memory and information processing.

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The effect of screens on sleep

Screens can have quite a negative impact on our sleep.

Lots of us look at a screen within a short space of time before going to bed. I’m guilty of this too!

You can make changes to your screens to aid sleep for example turning on a blue light filter. The blue light keeps your brain alert so turning this off is a simple way to help your brain before bed on any device including a kindle.

The importance of sleep…

I know how I feel when I haven’t slept well. I can’t concentrate and my head feels foggy. I feel short tempered.

Our children feel the same when they do not have a good nights sleep.

Did you know that not getting the right amount of sleep can increase your risk of obesity, heart disease and stroke. It can also cause you to develop type 2 diabetes and affect your mental health.

In a study of teenagers who were purposefully denied sleep many of them developed symptoms of ADHD.

The effects caused by not getting enough sleep are quite incredible.

How do you make sure you and your child get enough sleep?

What skills do children need to learn?

There are so many things that children need to learn to ensure they grow up as balanced, aware individuals.

Where do you start? How do you teach skills such as these?

We learn through experience and life certainly provides us with plenty of that. Mixing with others provides them with the opportunity to develop their skills in managing anger and showing empathy and using coping mechanisms.

We as parents can also provide opportunities to develop these skills. Sometimes we may need to intervene and guide our children in the right direction. For example thinking before speaking or acting can take some practice and guidance can often be needed when learning what to tell an adult and what they should deal with themselves.

Check out this poster from Pathway2success which shows many of the skills our children need to learn. How many have you had conversations about? Probably a fair few!😊