Following on from my post about the Sri Lanka bombings…

This is a really emotive subject as many people have very strong feelings about it.

What do you say to a young child who wants to know why people do these things?

The simple answer is that we cannot say with certainty. I think for the most part they do it because they have been indoctrinated and told things that aren’t true. They do seem to really believe in what they are doing. Does this make their response right – of course not!

We all have choices in life. Choices in what we do or say. Choices in how we react to situations.

Is it ok to call someone a name because they called you one?
Is it ok to hit someone because they upset you or hurt you?

Where does it end? If we allow this then it will escalate…

I’m not for one minute suggesting that if our children hit one another they will become terrorists but by the same token terrorists also have a choice.

The news said the reason for this attack was in retaliation to shootings in Australia.

The best we can do I think is have open, frank discussions with our children – teach them and show them the right way. Don’t shy away from a conversation because it is difficult or you don’t know the answer. Use this – we don’t have all the answers but we can educate through experience and common sense.

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