About me as a teacher…

Who is Sarah?

I qualified as a teacher in 2003 and have taught long term in 2 inner city schools. I have encountered many a child with learning difficulties and also social and emotional issues.

Teaching in an inner city school has made me the teacher I am today. My experiences have taught me a lot about children and the kind of teacher I want to be. 

Teach My Child started in January 2019. Being a dedicated teacher I truly want to give the children I teach a good experience. I became a teacher to teach children, make learning fun and to really enrich their learning experience.

What can I expect from you as a tutor?

I am truly thankful for my journey so far in my career as a teacher. What can you expect from me as a teacher? I nurture every single child that I teach. While they are in my care I treat them with care and respect. I give children the time they need to be heard. Children need to feel their worries are a priority. This in turn ensures they are in a good space for learning.

How can you help my child?

Teach My Child will enable me to provide education in a way that is engaging and fun. I hope to inspire children to love learning as much as I do.

I teach all my sessions in a fun and interactive way. I use physical materials where possible to create a good picture in your child’s head. When they have a good picture they can develop their understanding.

I strive to build confidence in your child. Many children come to hate Maths or English because they don’t understand it. With the fast pace in school there is very often not enough time to go back and unpick the parts your child find difficult. This can knock confidence. I have that time to give to your child.

What makes you different from other Maths tutors in Plymouth?

In my role as a Senior Lead in Education (SLE), I have led a number of events across the city of Plymouth. I have also supported teachers across Plymouth in their teaching of both Maths and Oracy.

As a child I struggled with Maths and I am determined to ensure the children I teach develop a good understanding of Maths which I hope will lead to a love of the subject.

My newfound love of this subject has encouraged me to research different ways of teaching Maths. I feel I now have a real wealth of knowledge and skill in this subject.

Are you DBS checked?

Being fully DBS checked and a fully qualified teacher with almost 20 years experience in inner city schools you can have confidence in me.

I truly look forward to finding out how I can help your child. I look forward to teaching your child and helping them on their journey.

Almost 20 years as a teacher

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