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Speaking is a skill that needs to be taught

While no one would ever question the need to teach a child to read, all too often it is assumed that speaking is a skill that doesn’t require teaching – instead, children should just ‘pick it up’. But not all children will. (Stott, Gaunt).

Neil Mercer explains that school is the second chance for those who do not gain language development at home.

If we don’t teach them, who will?

Teach My Child To Talk

What is this page about?

This page is being developed as the place to go for updates, ideas and tips for incorporating Oracy into your every day teaching. The ideas will come from my training with Voice 21, ideas from those in the field such as Neil Mercer, Lyn Dawes, Alice Stott, Amy Gaunt. I hope it will inspire you to keep your Oracy up- to – date whilst trying out new ideas in your classroom.
Please also feel free to share your own successes and ideas.